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The day that Diego Milito conquered Europe with his goals and the help of Zanetti, Samuel and Cambiasso

It was a dream May for Diego Alberto Milito. 2010. Just one month before the World Cup in South Africa. In the minds of all football fans, and especially in the minds of Inter Milan fans, the double that still resonates The prince it marked Bayern Munich in the 2-0 of the final of the Champions League played at the Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid. It happened on May 22 (yes, just 22, the Milito number) and it was a fabulous final chapter, with a star protagonist born in Bernal and with a private writer like José Mourinho, a rogue Portuguese who put his name back on the highest of the summit when obtaining the triplet.

There are four unforgettable joys that he gave the now Racing technical secretary in May 2010. On May 5, Inter stayed with the Italia Cup, beating Roma 1-0 at the Olympic in the Italian capital with a goal from Milito. On the 16th, the last date of Serie A and Inter was played, which was 2 points ahead of the escort Roma, he won against Siena by the minimum with a goal from Milito, after the assistance of captain Javier Zanetti, and was crowned champion . Three days later, on the 19th, Diego Armando Maradona handed over the list of footballers called up to play in the World Cup in South Africa and Milito appeared among the 23 chosen. It would be, after all, his only World Cup.

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And then on May 22, a date set by fire for Milito, Javier Zanetti, Esteban Cambiasso and Walter Samuel, the Argentines of that historic Inter. The team that led the Portuguese Mourinho was again King of Europe after 45 years. He beat Bayern Munich 2-0, he told himself, with two goals from The prince.

“Winning the Champions League was my dream, everyone’s dream. Just as Racing fans had waited 35 years, Inter fans had waited 45 years. It was no different than the others, I can say that he was calm and focused, he knew that It would be difficult but we were convinced and determined, “explained Milito in a letter published on the Inter site.

And he left a little pearl: “The night before the final, to relax but also motivate us, the Argentines saw ‘Lit by fire’, a movie about the heroes of our compatriots in the Falklands War. It was exciting”.

Milito and Cambiasso carry Zanetti. (AP Photo / Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

Milito and Cambiasso carry Zanetti. (AP Photo / Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

Perhaps history has been unfair with that Inter de Mourinho, who was a good team. It is true that he was pragmatic and was far from the elegance of Barcelona Pep Guardiola – who had won the treble the previous season – but was a great team. The idea that he was a speculative, mooring and defensive cast is inaccurate. That Inter played most of the matches with three forwards: Milito, Eto’o and Pandev, the latter more delayed. In some duels, he even played Mario Balotelli instead of Pandev. And in the midfield Sneijder, Cambiasso, Thiago Motta and Stankovic alternated.

The semifinal between Inter and Barcelona is equal to or more remembered than the final against the Germans in Madrid. In the first leg, in Milan, Inter countered with mastery and won 3-1, with a goal from Milito. On the return leg, in Spain, Thiago Motta was poorly sent off in the first half and Inter made an ode to the defense: Milito stood close to the central midfielder and Eto’o was a left back to mark Dani Alves. Piqué’s 1-0 victory with a goal did not reach Messi and company and the Italians qualified to play the grand final. It was the start of a duel that would mark an era: Guardiola-Mourinho, romantic football against the rudimentary, according to the labels. “I remember the clock at Camp Nou: it did not advance. I looked at it when it seemed like an eternity had passed and it said only 15 minutes. It was an endless game, but we showed that we were convinced,” said Milito.

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In the letter published on the Inter website, Milito also tells something interesting: what he thought of the final when he faced the dominated ball for 2-0. Remembered the The prince a similar play when he was in Racing playing against Lanús in the remembered championship of 2001 and that time he defined with 3 fingers and the ball hit the crossbar. The image fell as a revelation to the striker and he knew he had to define with the inside face. It did not fail.

Milito and la Orejona. REUTERS / Stefano Rellandini

Milito and la Orejona. REUTERS / Stefano Rellandini

In the collective unconscious there is also the feeling that the champion was Inter from the Argentines. “We stayed on the pitch even after training: we had fun, spent afternoons of laughter and food. It was a very close group. The philosophy was: you play how you train. The personality of that team was incredible. And Mourinho was close from all over the world, “said Milito.

10 years have passed since a memorable day that put Diego Alberto Milito and Inter of the Argentines at the top of world football. If he was a great champion or not, it will be in everyone’s feelings. There are no absolute truths in football and certainly not in life. The only unequivocal certainty is the relentless passage of time.


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