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El video de apenas 36 segundos causó furor en redes sociales. (Foto captura de pantalla video Instagram/marcoantoniosolis_oficial). The 36-second video was all the rage on social media. (Photo screenshot video Instagram / marcoantoniosolis_oficial).

Marco Antonio Solís shared a “retro” memory in the last hours of this week, which immediately went viral on social networks. Through his official Instagram account the Buki uploaded a recording of the moment he was awarded during the magazine’s first awards ceremony Musical Fury, in 1994.

“I remember this moment as if it were yesterday” was the text with which Solís posted the video on his Instagram profile.

In the recording, of just 36 seconds, the singer Selena Quintanilla is observed as the presenter of the awards Musical Fury, where he announced that the founder of Los Bukis was the winner of the award for the best album of the year in the ballad genre.

“The Musical Fury award for the best album of the year goes to Marco Antonio Solís. Producer, singer and songwriter of the album Unattainable and soul of the group Los Bukisthe late Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla is heard announcing.

“I want to share this award with all my colleagues, Los Bukis, who are out there, a brotherly hug,” thanked Solís, who wore a white suit with his characteristic long hair. This delivery was the closing of the event, the first of many that would mark the music in Spanish. The following year, Selena would be assassinated in the United States.

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Marco Antonio Solís and Selena Quintanilla shook hands, gave each other a kiss and a fraternal hug in front of the audience, who would remember that moment as the day when two greats of music coincided.

Selena was remembered by her followers in the video that Buki shared on her social networks. (Free Press Photo: Instagram / @ selenaqofficial).

The followers of “el Buki” were moved by the moment in which two greats of music coincided on stage. (Free Press Photo: Instagram / @ marcoantoniosolis_oficial).

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