The day that Ricardo Ciciliano put on the gloves and covered a DIM penalty – Arauca Stereo

There being no more, Osorio accepted. Ciciliano put on that Saeta goalkeeper jacket and walked to the south arch of the El Campín stadium. You had to see their faces, face to face, with Jaime Castrillón, the flyer of Independiente Medellín, in charge of kicking the ball and looking for 1-1. There was little left for the end of the game, with a local team suffocated and emotionally beaten by the circumstances of the match.

More than 40 thousand fans were standing, witnesses of a typical soccer affront, clinging to the hope of Ciciliano, who, as he later recognized, liked to stay in training as a goalkeeper when the day was over. However, what I did the most for fun, served to get out of the problem and save the victory to Millonarios before the nervous fanatic.

He appealed to logic, he commented at a press conference, to stop Castrillón’s shot by sending the ball at mid-height, through the right post. Right kicks right, Ciciliano explained, who for the first time came out chanted by the Albiazul rostrum in an indelible encounter for those who witnessed that personal feat.

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