The dealer of "Bares for Rares" reveals: with this white lie I entered the show

He sits mainly between Wolfgang Pauritsch and Ludwig "Luki" Hofmaier: Since the first season of "Bares for Rares" Fabian Kahl belongs to the regular cast of the trash show with Horst Lichter. The 27 year old has dyed and long hair and his passion for gothic fashion is the bird of paradise among traders. A native of Thuringia with a penchant for antique porcelain is known to the public for its competence and fairness. Whether he was allowed to sit at the desk table, Kahl still has a small lie to his father.

In his book "The Treasure Hunter" Kahl reveals how he arrived at "Bares for Rares". As a result, a group of ZDFs in Leipzig had been on a flea market and realized their father Holger Kahl. During the test recordings, he also introduced his then 21-year-old son and left behind his allegedly abundant experience.

The "Bares for Rares" retailer Fabian Kahl has been on the TV show since 2013.

Father proposes his son for "Bares for Rares"

"And this is my son Fabian, who is also involved in our business and already knows a lot about trading, and manages most of the market business alone," said Holger Kahl. This statement was "quite exaggerated," Fabian Kahl admits today, but no one would know. In the end, the ZDF decided against Holger and Fabian Kahl.

Kahl's love for antiques was born in the cradle. With his father, he was already traveling as a child in flea markets, he stopped his high school diploma at 17 and opened his first store in Berlin. Together with his father he now runs an old trade in the Brandenstein family castle in the Ranis of Thuringia.

Fabian Kahl moves to Cologne

Meanwhile, Fabian Kahl is so successful with "Bares for Rares" that he even wants to move from his homeland to Cologne. The reason: now it's so often during studio shootings in Cologne that it was easier for him to live there. On her Facebook profile, Kahl even turned off an apartment ad she's looking for a three-bedroom apartment. "I set the limit at € 1300 (warm)," writes the antiquarian.

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