The death of a child in Donbass – the OSCE told what happened in Aleksandrovsky

The OSCE representatives spoke on the phone with the boy’s grandmother and found out that at the time of the child’s death she was in the house. The woman heard the sound of an explosion and ran out into the street. There she saw white and gray smoke.

“On 6 April, the boy’s grandmother told the SMM by telephone that in the afternoon of 2 April her grandson was at their house on Dorozhnaya Street in Aleksandrovskoye when she heard the sound of an explosion. The grandmother added that she saw black and white smoke on the street. When she went outside, she saw her grandson lying on the ground, and numerous shrapnel marks and damage on the wall of the house and the fence nearby. The mission will continue to clarify the circumstances of this case, “the report said.

The OSCE also spoke with the morgue workers in Donetsk, where the child’s body was brought. Experts said that the boy died from an explosive injury and multiple shrapnel wounds.

Earlier, witnesses said that there was an accident and a mine exploded, which the child found in the garage.


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