The death of Ashley Massaro reportedly Suicide, CM Punk Comments on his passage, advises people with depression to seek help


– According to a new report from TMZ, former WWE superstar Ashley Massaro would have died as a result of suicide by hanging. Reportedly, Massaro was found after appearing at his home in Suffolk County, New York, last Thursday morning. Multiple sources linked to the situation state that his death was suicide.

Ashley Massaro was then transported to a nearby hospital where she was declared dead. The report states that his death is currently classified as "non-criminal". Massaro survived by his daughter. The WWE later commemorated Massaro with an "In Memory" screen last Sunday at the Money in the Bank event.

The cause of Massaro's death was not reported last week. It was said that his death would be suicide, but so far there was nothing substantial.

The former WWE Superstar CM Punk also commented on his recent move on WMGM last week. Punk commented: "Incredibly sad way to go. Obviously thoughts go to his family, especially his daughter".

He added that people suffering from depression or mental health problems should contact someone for help. He said: "It is May. It is the month of mental health. I do not know the specific details. I have heard a couple of things, but if someone who is out there and you are listening to this, if you are depressed and things are not going for the right, no reason to feel alone. Just reach someone. Send a friend to a friend. Call someone. There are help lines. There are ways you can get help. "

You can listen to a sound clip of Punk's comments on Massaro below.


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