The death of the brother of the artist Ahmed Badir

obituary Artist Ahmed BadirHis brother, Muhammad Badir, who died today, Sunday, through his personal page on the social networking site Facebook.

He wrote, “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. Move to God’s mercy, my brother and my beloved Muhammad Badir, and there is no power or strength except with God. Oh God, inspire us patience and solace.”

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Badir finished filming the movie “Wallers” by the artist Dora, Nicola Moawad, Inji Abu Al-Saud and others, directed by Mohamed Baraka, the story of Yasser Salah, the script and dialogue by Ahmed and Haitham Al-Dahan, and it belongs to the horror films.

On the other hand, the artist, Ahmed Badir, cried on the air during his intervention on the “From Egypt” program, which is presented by the media Amr Khalil, via the “cbc” channel, and he recalls his participation with the late artist Suhair Al-Babli, on stage.

The artist, Ahmed Badir, had stated that the late able artist Suhair Al-BabliGiant artistic value, and my artistic success is attributed to her because she was always helping me.

Badir added, during television statements, that she was a “theater ghoul” and surprised everyone with beautiful things that pay for joint success, and it is an irreplaceable artistic value, and she has an overwhelming presence on the stage, and when she speaks about politics or social criticism, her speech is based on great awareness.

He continued, “I enjoyed acting with her in “Raya and Sakina” and left a lot of space for those who work with her, to help them succeed: “May God have mercy on her and forgive her. We lost an art school and a model.”

And he added: Suheir Al-Babli is a great star in various fields and communicates with her colleagues and friends at all times to check on them, noting that many of those working in the artistic community have learned from her: a great artist and her great journey.


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