The debut of a new pair. Antek Krlikowski and Joanna Opozda for the first time together in showrooms. Feel the air

After a few months of peace and quiet, Warsaw life begins to come to life again. And we mean, of course, industry events in which Polish stars are very eager to participate. Samsung’s vernissage – Change Your Look was held on Wednesday evening. Gabi Drzewiecka, Margaret with KaCeZet, Piotr Kdzierski and Sokoa, i.e. Wojtek Sosnowski, were on the wall. However, everyone’s eyes were turned especially towards those in love.

The first exit of Antek Krlikowski and Joanna Opozda

Antek and Joanna officially confirmed their relationship a few days ago. Now it’s time for the first joint exit and debut on the wall. The actors tried to look very much in love. Krlikowski wore black jeans and a blue patterned shirt on the big door. Opozda, on the other hand, turns from head to head. Pants, short top, jacket, and even accessories were in a dark color.

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Joanna Opozda, Antek Krlikowski EastNews

There were no shortage of tender gestures as well as long posing for photojournalists. A new pair is hugging towards the camera lenses. It seems they also found a common language with Margaret and KaCeZet because they even chatted for a while. Do you think that Antek and Asia will become the new favorite couple in Polish show business? We are obviously waiting for more pictures of lovers!

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