The decision is approaching. Who will be the prime minister? Readers of Deník have already chosen

State indebtedness, population taxation, migration, the education system, covid and rising energy prices were the subject of six unique fights between the three hottest candidates for the Czech Prime Minister. Within fifteen minutes, Andrej Babiš (YES), Ivan Bartoš (Pirates) and Petr Fiala (ODS) always had to formulate an opinion on the matter. They found agreement, for example, on the further direction of education, not raising taxes or solving the migration problem in places of conflict.

Source: Diary

Already in the first debate on August 18, the leaders of the opposition blocs, Bartoš and Fiala, stated that they would not negotiate with the YES movement, the SPD and the Communists after the elections. On the contrary, the head of ANO Babiš avoided clear answers to the moderator’s question with whom he would like to agree on possible government cooperation: . “

According to the current distribution of forces, it seems that none of the key players will get enough votes to form a majority cabinet. However, the CSSD could hold the current five opposition parties if it gets into the lower house.

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Petr Fiala and Ivan Bartoš show that, despite many program differences and accents, they are able to form a functional coalition that would take the country through the post-Covenant period without raising taxes and further increasing debt.

According to the readers of Deník, at this moment, the leader of the three-party coalition Together, Petr Fiala, would occupy the golden podium in the fight for the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. However, you can still vote in the poll below the article.

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