“The decision was ill-considered”… Siniora: A mistake was made

Prime Minister Fouad Siniora considered, “The issue of ‘timing’ was a mistake that was made and happened in an unacceptable way, because Prime Minister Najib Mikati was on a visit to Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and was surprised by Berri’s request from the media to stay and continue to transmit the chat that took place between him and him.” The prime minister is on the air, and this is surprising, and it should not happen.”

He said, “This ill-conceived decision led to this artificial degree of tension, and therefore, what happened after that in terms of reactions is completely unacceptable, as each party began to exploit it as it wants and as it serves its political agenda in order to stir up strife and sharp division.” In the country, as if there is a division between the Lebanese Muslims on the one hand, and the Christians on the other.

He added, “This matter is unacceptable and surprising, and therefore, it is shameful that matters have reached this nadir, and that a small issue related to timing has turned into issues related to civil peace and national reconciliation, and the strange and reprehensible matter as well, is that a number of parties, including the current The Free Patriotic Party and some other parties are on the line of tension and provoking sectarian strife in order to tighten the Christian nerve, and to create a problem between Christians and Muslims.

He continued, “There was a mistake that was made, and therefore it must be corrected, and this matter is what prompted me and President Tammam Salam yesterday to meet with Prime Minister Najib Mikati, and we hoped that an urgent meeting of the Council of Ministers be held in order for this file to be closed immediately, and he was understanding.” He also took the initiative, and therefore announced that he would call for a session of the Council of Ministers, and this was what was done, and the previous decision was canceled, and it was decided to return to daylight savings time, starting from Wednesday evening next Thursday.

And he continued, “The main problem – as the prime minister said – is not a matter of summer time or winter time. There is a persistent problem in Lebanon now, and it is related to the inability to elect the president of the republic, and therefore this matter requires everyone to reach a consensus in this regard, and it cannot be This is done by passing Hezbollah’s candidate so that it can be elected, although it does not have the majority, nor the majority necessary to hold the session to elect the president, just as there is no majority for the other party in this regard.

He pointed out, “There are attempts to freeze the situation at these two positions, and this is not permissible. I think that this matter requires an understanding and therefore an awareness that there is a need for a president of the republic who is actually at the level of the presidency with his qualities and qualifications, as he is the head of the state and the symbol of the unity of the nation, in order to In turn, through a prime minister who formed a government that works to achieve reform and advancement.

And about whether the issue of the two timings was a front to cover up other matters (the customs issue, a car deal for officials and the new airport deal), Siniora said: “I think there is confusion between these three matters, and they are separate, and all of them should not have happened, and they must happen.” to stop it.”

He pointed out that, “The first was arrested, and the second was about outsourcing Terminal Two to the second building at Beirut Airport, which, as I learned, was referred to the Audit Bureau at the request of the Prime Minister, and also with the knowledge and request of the President of the Public Procurement Authority. Customs, I believe that it is not so simple that such a process can be hidden if it is true, and therefore, I believe that this matter – and as soon as this issue becomes public – it should be considered as informing, and the financial prosecutor directly and the cassation public prosecutor should investigate This matter”.

He added, “The problem is that there is a state in the name, and on the other hand, there is a mini-state that controls the affairs of the Lebanese state, headed by Hezbollah, and it continues to extend its control over the Lebanese state.”

And about whether President Mikati is a partner on the issue of the state of Hezbollah, Siniora said: “I don’t believe it at all.”

Regarding Mikati’s accusation of confronting the Christians, he said: “We carry him more than we should, to the extent that this news that was quoted from his tongue about the number of Christians and the number of Muslims has become a misunderstanding, and therefore there are those who are trying to turn matters into sectarian problems in order to tighten the nerve in the country.”

And he continued, “We in Lebanon have reached the Taif Agreement, and we have reached to stop counting, and we must return to the constitution. All these problems that are being raised are nothing but an attempt to divert attention and direct the discussion towards side issues to create a dispute between the Lebanese instead of working to address the problems.” essential in its essence and not only in its manifestations.

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