The declaration of “emergency” in the Italian “Ischia”.

Casamicola Terme (Agencies)

Yesterday, the Italian government declared a state of emergency on the island of Ischia, opposite Naples (south), where heavy rains on Saturday caused a landslide that killed 7 people and left 5 missing, according to the latest toll.
The governor of Naples, Claudio Palomba, said: “The death toll from the landslide in Casamicola has risen to 7, while the missing are 5.”
A state of emergency is often declared on the peninsula in the wake of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or severe weather conditions, as it allows for the rapid mobilization of funds and resources, including those allocated for civil protection.
The town of Casamicola Terme was hit by an earthquake that killed two people in 2017.
In place, more than 200 members of the civil defense and security forces continue to search for missing persons, while hundreds of volunteers are busy cleaning the streets of the town.
The remains of cars and buses crushed by the violence of the mudslide and boulders are visible everywhere, while some workers are trying to clear the way to reach homes, cars and shops.

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