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Original title: The defending Serie A champions make matters worse!Rival Inter Milan withdraws Lukaku Ronaldo’s teammates or leaves the team

AC Milan finally regained the long-lost Serie A championship last season. The 23-year-old Portuguese genius Leo in the team made a lot of contributions. His double-digit data shows everything. The role of the veteran Ibrahimovic is still significant, really The old one is like a treasure, but it is really difficult for AC Milan to successfully defend the Serie A title in the new season. The reason is very simple. AC Milan does not have enough funds to strengthen the lineup, and the new core in the team is also very difficult. It is possible to leave the team, and secondly, the rivals Inter Milan are now returning to the team on loan with Lukaku. This is completely a reinforcement of 100 million yuan. The Nerazzurri are also the main competitors of the Rossoneri Serie A championship. Strengthening, AC Milan can’t even think about it. They are very poor. The transfer budget for the new season is only 50 million euros. How can it be possible to buy 100 million yuan of reinforcements? Roma head coach Mourinho, the magic bird, you are poor, don’t be sad.

In fact, the current Serie A competitiveness can be said to be at the bottom of the top five European leagues, and in the past ten years, since the Portuguese Mourinho led Inter Milan to record Serie A history and won the treble, it has never been Some teams have reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. Such data can explain everything. The overall strength of the Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga is above Serie A. This is a well-known fact. Although the overall strength of Ligue 1 is not as good as Serie A, But they have a local team, Paris Saint-Germain, and Paris with Messi, Neymar and Mbappe. They are one of the favorite teams to win the Champions League every year, although their best result so far is the Champions League final, However, judging from the lineup of the Paris team, they definitely rank among the top three in world football. They have the confidence to claim the second in football strength. Who has the guts to claim the first? This is the current status of Serie A. The Chinese-funded team Inter Milan is also very poor. Juventus, the former Serie A champion, has become a team fighting for a place in the Champions League since Ronaldo left the team.

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The famous Italian journalist Longo revealed that the current AC Milan’s total annual salary is only 100 million euros. The Rossoneri is not trying to maintain their good salary structure, but has no money to buy people, so the team Basically, they are all second-rate stars, except for the veteran Ibrahimovic. How can these people get high wages? However, the team does not know how long this situation will last, because their transfer budget in the summer window in the new season is only 50 million euros. For them, a veteran player like Lewandowski is a dream. It also has to be 50 million euros. Even after winning him, will there be money to pay wages?

However, Maldini and the others are still very rational. They are currently locked in the 30 million Botman and the 20 million Sanchez. They are all fringe figures of the top giants, and they all have the idea of ​​leaving the team. Their goals It is clear that I want to have a stable playing time. Fortunately, I will shine at the Qatar World Cup in November. However, if these two players really join, the transfer funds will be spent, which makes people feel embarrassed. what.

There is another thing that makes things worse. It is the Portuguese genius in the team. The 23-year-old Leo broke out last season and became one of the biggest contributors to the team’s championship. Now he only has two contracts left with the team. In 2008, Maldini had already offered him a contract extension with an annual salary of 4.5 million, but he was rejected by the teenager. No wonder Leo, judging from his double-digit performance last season, is in Europe In most of the rich and powerful teams, the annual salary of tens of millions is too normal. Are they also workers? How can you not plan for your own pocketbook?

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And because of his outstanding performance, teams such as Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Manchester City, Newcastle have already targeted him, and the possibility of being poached at any time is very high, but if you want to win Leo, there is no one. 100 million euros is free of negotiation. Judging from the current financial situation of AC Milan, it is better to sell him as soon as possible. It would be fun if he does not leave for free when the contract period expires. Get the money first. Then it is a long-term plan to find some young talents to cultivate by yourself. Of course, if some local tyrants come to buy or join the team, wouldn’t the Rossoneri, which used to be impossible for a lifetime, return domineering? Welcome to the comment area to chat!Return to Sohu, see more

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