The delight that Aldi customers seek for their Christmas dinner

the dinners of Christmas They are for many families the most anticipated moment of each year. Reunions, anecdotes or happiness converge on the table every December, some unforgettable moments that need to be savored like authentic delicacies like the ones you offer Aldi in all its feeding sections.

One of those foods that cannot be missing from your table this Christmas is this blueberry pate Of the brand SPECIAL available in Aldi. An authentic delight for the palate that will surprise your diners in the most anticipated festivities of each year. Do not miss the opportunity, because this type of food is quite a sales success every time it appears on the shelves of any of the German chain’s supermarkets.

Aldi’s delight for your Christmas dinner

The blueberry pate The cut of the SPECIAL brand belongs to the range of products offered by the German supermarket to surprise your diners during family dinners and lunches this coming Christmas. This food is distinguished by its magnificent combination between texture and the flavor of the pig next to that sweet touch that provides blueberries, a tasty mix between sweet salty so recurring and appreciated in today’s haute cuisine.

SPECIAL pork paté with blueberries to delight your guests with during these festivities

You can find this product presented in a packaged foil with a weight of 150 grams. This food will be a delight with which to delight your guests as a snack on a meat and cheese board or as a dish in itself. In order for you to keep this item in the right conditions, it must be kept at temperatures between 0 y 4 °C. Once its plastic sheet is removed, it must be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 5 days maximum.

It has a flavor that your diners will love

Apart from its excellent flavor and texture, this type of food, so recurring and appreciated at this time of festivities, has huge benefits for our body, since they have numerous vitamins, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Going on with its nutritional information, this food has a caloric intake of 570 kcal per 150 grams of product, although you should consume it in moderation, as it has a high content of saturated fats 19.5 grams.

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Surprise your diners like the taste of this delicatessen. A flavor explosion between salty and sweet is what this 150-gram sheet of pate with blueberries to the cut of the SPECIAL brand. An excellent complement for your table with which you can make 1,69 euros in any of the German brand’s supermarkets or through its website.

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