The Democratic Party was the only one who knew about the “secret” Italy-France pact. Fazzolari: “Party of Paris Butlers”

Thursday 25th November hangs with the signature at Italy-France Quirinal Treaty. Prime Minister Draghi and Macron will officiate the rite by which Parliament – as politically denounced only by FdI – has been sacked. It will be a “reinforced” alliance between Italy and France on a series of areas detailed in about thirty pages. Whose interest will this agreement be? It is the secrecy with which this super agreement has been kept that arouses perplexity and authorizes some skepticism. “The Palamento was unaware of it”, stigmatized Meloni. All in the dark except one party, coincidentally – reports Libero-. “A party knows everything, because it has put a hand in it”. He is the Democratic Party, but look how strange … «Thanks to Piero Fassino and his candor, the same one who made him proclaim“ We have a bank ”; we can understand a little more. And it’s not good to understand ».

Fazzolari: “Fassino confirmed the usual intrigues between France and the Democratic Party”

“With the candor of children caught with their hands in the jam, Piero Fassino confirm at Courier service who has been working on the drafting of the Quirinale Treaty for some time. Too bad that no other political force other than the Democratic Party was involved, as already reported by Giorgia Meloni last week “. Giovanbattista Fazzolari declares it, senator and head of the Brothers of Italy program. “The justification put forward by Fassino for having been involved as president, within the interparliamentary union, of the bilateral section of friendship between Italy and France is ridiculous. And offensive to the whole Parliament. The IPU constitutes a privileged forum for parliamentary consultation; with the aim of supporting peace and cooperation between peoples and strengthening parliamentary institutions ”, explains Fazzolari.

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“Secret” pact Italy France: the Democratic Party knew everything

The senator of the Brothers of Italy clearly states that “The UIP has nothing to do with the drafting of treaties; and it appears that no one, among the other presidents of the bilateral sections, is involved in the drafting of international agreements. Fassino simply confirmed the usual intrigues between France and the Democratic Party. It has now become the party of Paris butlers. I will submit a question to the Government to find out why and in what capacity the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party took part in the drafting of the “Quirinale Treaty”. While the other parliamentary forces were kept totally in the dark about the affair. And even today, a few days after the government’s signature, they do not have the text of the treaty available ”.

“Secret” pact Italy France: we Paris crutch

“We surrendered to French sovereignism and Macron’s Cisalpine expansionism in an anti-German key due to the fucking fear of Eric Zemmour’s rise. Macron’s design of power – and of the French state which pre-exists the current occupant of the Elysée and will outlive him! – has an absolute need for the Italian crutch to be able to stand up to Berlin ”, Renato Farina writes on Free. “Italy is part of a subordinate game to that of Paris which is aimed at preventing Europe from becoming a seriously federal or confederal reality. France has always put down the European designs that could prevent its European (and African) supremacy. Now Italy is taking away in its game of risk in front of the world ».

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Disconsolate conclusion: «Mario Draghi certainly could not stop this river, constantly enriched with waters by the benevolence of Mattarella, nor was it necessary to break with an allied country, yes but never a friend. On the contrary … On this Treaty we think of it as General Menabrea at the battle of Novara, quotes Farina: “If it goes bin, bin, bin, bin a la piùma ntel cul”. If it suits us, we’ll take it in that place ”. Only now does Fassino let it be known that there will still be (after all) the vote of the Chambers. Too much grazia

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