The dengue epidemic continues in Martinique

The dengue epidemiological surveillance indicators indicate the continuation of the epidemic in Martinique. The spatial distribution of biologically confirmed cases shows a very active viral circulation throughout the territory and particularly within the municipalities of the Center and North of the island. The South is nevertheless still affected by the epidemic, in particular the municipality of Diamant.

Martinique is currently placed in Phase 4 level 1 of the PSAGE * dengue fever: epidemic confirmed.

The estimated number of clinically suggestive cases of dengue seen in city medicine over the past four weeks (2020-28 to 2020-31) is 1,580 cases. In week 2020-31 (from July 27 to August 2, 2020), the weekly number of cases remains among the highest since the first thresholds exceeded in November 2019. The weekly numbers of cases reach respectively 610 and 440 cases in weeks 2020- 30 (July 20 to 26, 2020) and 2020-31. They are well above the expected seasonal values ​​for the period.

The cumulative number of suggestive cases of dengue fever since November 2019 is 8,380 cases.


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