The Department of Science reveals that the smallpox vaccine, kept for 40 years, is still of good quality and can be used to prevent monkeypox.

Department of Science reveals the “smallpox vaccine” that the Pharmaceutical Organization has kept. still have standard quality anticipating Smallpox is possible in epidemic situations.

Today (July 22, 2022) at the Department of Medical Sciences, Nonthaburi Province, Dr. Supakit Sirilak, Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences, together with Dr. Supaporn Phoom-Amon, Director of the Institute of Biological Materials, held a press conference, “The results of the smallpox vaccine quality inspection (smallpox) that the Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) produced and kept for more than 40 years” that after the Organization The World Health Organization has announced the success of eliminating smallpox from the world since 1980, thus phasing out human vaccination against smallpox. But due to another outbreak of chickenpox in foreign countries make thailand Must watch closely for this disease and prepare for support. Currently, there is a smallpox vaccine produced by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization for more than 40 years, and the Department of Medical Sciences has brought to check the quality of the vaccine. The live vaccine is stored in dry powder form at 2-8 degrees Celsius, produced since 1979 and 1980, 13 production batches, a total of 10,000 ampoules, 50 doses per ampoule, a total of 500,000 doses. It is the first vaccine produced from animal colostrum. The form of application is by dripping into the skin and using a needle to scratch the skin to allow the vaccine to penetrate.

Dr. Supakit continued that the Institute of Biomass Department of Medical Sciences Vaccination quality checks were carried out. The standard for laboratory vaccination includes physical examination. to check the dry powder characteristics and melting with the naked eye Chemistry-Physical Analysis Check the acidity – alkalinity. Security Analysis Analysis of pyrexin content and sterility The identity was checked by RT-PCR to confirm it was the smallpox virus. and check the strength To determine the effectiveness of the vaccine to determine whether the viral load is sufficient to induce immunity to prevent disease. The results of the investigation revealed that the 13 production batches of the smallpox vaccine still have good physical characteristics. It is acidic – alkaline. In the range of pH 7.38- 7.52 (general standard pH 6.0-8.0), the amount of febrifuge ranged between 4.20- 31.1 EU/ml (general standard, not more than 200 EU/ml). No microbial contamination was found. And the results of the uniqueness test revealed that it was a virus in the smallpox virus group. Orthopoxvirus and the vaccine has a potency between 6.42- 6.86 logTCID50/ml (World Health Organization standard Must be greater than or equal to 5.4 log TCID50/ml)

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smallpox vaccine

“In conclusion, 13 smallpox vaccines from the Government Pharmaceutical Organization are still of standard quality for general viral vaccines. and still have value If an outbreak occurs in the country and the smallpox vaccine is not available in a global outbreak situation, the available smallpox vaccine is likely to be used to prevent smallpox. However, to implement it in an emergency situation requires cooperation from all parties involved in considering the benefits and risks. including alternative vaccines This is for safety for those who have received the vaccine,” said Dr Supakit.

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