The departure of the Egyptian artist, Lubna Mahmoud, after a struggle with illness

There were reports that the late woman had lost her balance, which caused her to fall and suffer a cerebral hemorrhage

Published in: March 20, 2023: 01:32 AM GST
Last updated: March 20, 2023: 07:26 AM GST

The Egyptian artistic community received sad and shocking news of the departure of the artist, Lubna Mahmoud, on Sunday evening, after a struggle with illness, despite her appearance a few months ago in the second part of the “Family Theme” series.

The Syndicate of Representative Professions announced the news of the death, provided that the funeral of the body will take place on Monday afternoon from the Sayyida Nafisa Mosque in the center of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and after that it will be buried in the family tombs.

There were some reports that the late woman had lost her balance, which caused her to fall and suffer a brain hemorrhage, which led to her death later.

However, the captain of the actors, Ashraf Zaki, denied in a statement to this matter, stressing that the late woman had a long sick history, and she had been treated for years, indicating that he did not know the reason for repeating such matters about her, especially since she left months ago and talked about a journey The treatment she went through and the hardships she was going through.

The late artist graduated from the Higher Institute of Ballet, before heading to the field of acting in 1985, when she participated in the movie “The owner of the administration, the concierge of architecture.”

After that, her cinematic participation followed, as she presented nearly 90 artworks throughout her career, and most of the roles were characterized by a sense of humor and comedy.

But she disappeared for a while and justified that with health problems she suffered and a long treatment journey, after which she remained at home, as her daughter refused to leave the house, but she returned to participate and appeared through the series “Family Subject”.

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