The deputy receives news of the murder of his daughter during the parliamentary session in Mexico


At mid-session, legislator Carmen Medel received the news that her daughter was murdered in Veracruz, for which the activity in the lower house was suspended.

Thursday's session was interrupted in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, after deputy Carmen Medel received a phone call mid-session to learn that her daughter had been murdered.

"They murdered my daughter, they killed my daughter!" Medel shouted, after receiving the news in the place where he was, says La Jornada.

The daughter of the deputy of Morena was Valeria Medel, originally from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, who had been killed in a gym in Ciudad Mendoza while she was training. The 22-year-old girl was a student at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Veracruzana.

The fact was confirmed by the president of the state of Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (Morena), Manuel Huerta Ladrón de Guevara.

The first police reports indicate that the victim was hit by unknown people who fled after committing the crime. The place was surrounded by elements of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) and the Ministry of Public Security (SSP).

Suspend session

After being informed of her daughter's murder, Ms. Carmen Medel received solidarity samples from her fellow legislators.

Following this, the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies decided to suspend the session.

A group of deputies was in the stands asking for the crime not to go unpunished with the cry of "justice, justice!".

2018 is emerging as the most violent year in the recent history of Mexico, by the Mexican Revolution, with more than 25,000 murders until September of this year.


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