the desperate searches and the absurd discovery

Carson Shephard, 7 anni, has been missing from his home in New Cumnock, Scotland, for 24 hours – throwing his family in despair.

But after a night of desperate search by the entire community, the child was found where no one would have expected: in the cavity of the wall of his grandmother’s apartment.

But let’s go in order by telling you the story.

A night of fear

A seven-year-old boy who went missing and sparked a frantic police search, it was finally found in grandma’s loft, hidden in an empty space between the wall.

Now the parents are laughing, but they spent a night of pure terror and which was joined by the whole community, which helped the authorities to find the child. There locals formed search teams and the police urged people to check out sheds and outbuildings for the little boy.

Carson Shepard missing

Supermarkets distributed food supplies as the relentless search continued.

Carson Shephard has disappeared from the Scottish town of New Cumnock nell’East Ayrshire on the evening of last Sunday, September 19th. The local police issued an appeal around 10:20 pm and some locals spent the whole night looking for the young man.

Police this morning confirmed Carson has been found “Safe and well”, although the research history is very particular.

A ‘superfluous’ search

Although mother Gemma Glover, 27, from Glasgow, and the little boy had been living with grandmother Jacquie McCartney in New Cumnock for the past few months, finding the baby in grandma’s house was a real challenge.

“Police raided the loft three times last night, but this morning she arrived with special equipment. I’ve never experienced anything like it, it was crazy. All night I thought about how cold it was and in my mind I thought ‘can’t survive’.”

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It was mistakenly thought that the little one might have run away from home, when in fact he was hiding, perhaps too well: “Carson si it was wrapped in the cavity in the wall and was hidden at the end of the mezzanine”Added the mother.

A spokesman for the Scottish police added: “He has been found hidden in a wall cavity during a detailed search of his home address by specialized agents ”.

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