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Updated on 11/24/2021 08:09 am

Mayra couto She confessed that her “casting was a disaster” and that she came with the experience of small roles in other series. Her first casting for In the background there is room ‘ It was with a jungle accent.

SIGHT: In the background there is room: what will happen to Grace and Nicolás in the new season?

Mayra couto She felt very embarrassed trying to play the role with the jungle accent, because she was not ready for it. “For me accents are difficult to interpret, so when I played Grace I kept a neutral accent”.

Efrain Aguilar I wanted to see if the participants were afraid of being ridiculed, as Mayra confessed, since as she says: “It is important to be an actor, you have to play and when you play, lose or win, you have to be prepared for the worst, for whatever comes, to make a fool of yourself”.

Mayra passed the casting she did with a jungle accent And it was also bad for her according to her, until that moment she did not know what character she would play.

Erick Elera He left the casting room asking for Mayra’s support, because his partner did not arrive and it was that casting that Ephraim would have liked.

After finishing school, they called Mayra Couto because she passed the casting and that’s how she began to play the popular character of ‘Grace González‘, remembered internationally.



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