The details of the ongoing exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine have become known.


About this "MK" declared the vice president of the European Institute for Ombudsman, the first commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for human rights Nina Karpacheva. He pointed out that the planes had already landed at Borispol and Vnukovo airports.

Karpacheva clarified that among those who were on Ukrainian territory, President Zelensky pardoned 16 people. Three of them are women. Of the 35 people, 19 people have already received a judicial release for personal obligation. President Putin has pardoned 11 people. All of them are Ukrainian citizens. Furthermore, all 24 detainees are returning during the incident in the Kerch Strait of Ukrainian sailors.

"Everything goes to the mirror," Karpacheva noted. He added that the exchange was made possible thanks to the efforts and direct dialogue of the presidents of both countries: Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin. An important role is played by diplomats, special services and judicial authorities of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice of both countries and the courts that have done everything possible to ensure that this procedure takes place .

"This paves the way for the future return of other inmates with the" all for all "formula. I am also convinced that it will play an important role in promoting the" Minsk "and" Norman "formats," Karpacheva shared. Note that he hopes the exchange will also affect others.

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