The Detect plan will only work at the Art School during the holiday tomorrow

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As reported, tomorrow Monday, a holiday for the Day of Sovereignty, only a fixed position of the Detect plan will work. It will be at the School of Art, from 9 to 12 hours.

Claudia Lázaro, pharmacist and leader of the Detectar plan, in dialogue with Chronicle He commented that “we have been working for three weeks and two with the three permanent positions in what would be the School of Art, Castelli and San Cayetano. In the month of November we have detected 970 confirmed cases, of which 66 percent correspond to detection through the rapid test antigen and the other 33 percent by clinical epidemiological criteria ”.

Along these lines, he affirmed that “regarding Detecting in general, we have seen more than 5,000 patients and about 2,500 positive cases. This Monday we will be alone working in the School of Art, looking for the staff to rest, as well as in the month of December we will work only in the School of Art since the demand in the other health units is not so much, little by little the demand is decreasing ”.

Continuing, he added that “it is still necessary to have the Detect plan since it allows us to decompress the attention in the health care system at the second level, decompressing what the hospitals are.”

Finishing, Lázaro emphasized “we want to emphasize and request that the population continue to take care of itself and not relax because now that everything is a little more liberated, we have to have social awareness and take care of each other to avoid that the cases increase again and roll back the measures taken ”, he concluded.

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