The devastating report from the prosecutor that corners Daniel Sancho: "It is feared that he will coerce witnesses"

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The Thai prosecutor investigating the crime of Edwin Arrieta At the hands of Daniel Sancho he is implacable in the report that he will submit to the judge. The representative of the Public Ministry embraces the Police thesis that the young man killed the Colombian surgeon with premeditation and not accidentally as Sancho has always defended in his statements. The document on which Sancho’s defense, a Thai public defender and the victim’s lawyer will now work, details the circumstances in which, in the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office, the crime occurred.

To begin with, the prosecutor refuses a possible release on bail, warning of the risk of the young man fleeing and of hypothetical coercion of witnesses. «The case has a high penalty. “It is feared that the accused will escape and could coerce witnesses,” states the document of which he has become aware. THE WORLD.

In his writing, the prosecutor does not doubt that the crime was planned and details the way in which, in his opinion, it occurred. He insists that the young man could have used “several knives” and elaborates on another detail: a tiny knife. “A small knife that the accused had previously prepared as a tool to cut and dismember the body of Mr. Edwin Arrieta,” he says. Next, he recounts the following episode: «Several pieces of the body were taken from the body wrapped in transparent film, then little by little they were placing these parts of the body in plastic bags that the accused had prepared. They then threw him into the sea near Salad Beach and in garbage dumping areas within the subdistrict of Koh Phangan to hide the death of Mr. Edwin Arrieta.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests the death penalty for Daniel Sancho for the premeditated crime, according to its criteria. For concealment of a corpse, a sentence not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding 50,000 baht. Finally, he requests the same for the crime of “concealment” of the victim’s documents. Sancho will appear before the prosecutor and the judge in the case on November 13 after yesterday’s hearing was canceled due to the young man’s request to have a Spanish translator present. The office Balfagon-Cyprus prepared a report that concludes that the young man bought the cooking utensils in Thailand.

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