The difference between semen, madhiy, and wadiy, and how to wash them from them .. The fatwa will be answered

Dar said Ifta The Egyptian, the wadi is thick, white water that comes out after the urine, and it is unclean without disagreement, because Aisha – may God be pleased with her – said: “As for the wadi, it comes after urination, so the male and female parts of it are washed, and he does ablution and does not wash.”

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The difference between semen, cordial and madhiy
In its response to a fatwa, the house added that madhiy is the white, sticky water that comes out when thinking about Sexual intercourse Or when foreplay, and a person may not feel it at the time he leaves, and it is from the man and the woman except that it is from the woman more, and it is unclean according to scholarly agreement, except that if it hits the body it must be washed. On the authority of Sahl ibn Hanif, may God be pleased with him, he said: And trouble, and I used to do more than washing, so I mentioned that to the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and he said: It is sufficient for you to take a handful of water and sprinkle your garment with it as you see that it has struck it. ”Narrated by Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah and al-Tirmidhi.

She explained, that semen، It is the gushing water, meaning the spilled water that comes out at great pleasure, and it is one of the obligatory ghusl. Some scholars have argued that it is impure, and it appears that it is pure, but it is desirable to wash it, if it is wet and rub it if it is dry. On the authority of Aisha, may God be pleased with her, she said: “I was rubbing. Semen is from the garment of the Messenger of God if it is dry, and wash it if it is wet, “Al-Daraqutni narrated it.

Does emission of madhiy require ghusl?

Sheikh Ahmed Wissam, Secretary of Fatwa at Dar Al Iftaa, said: Madhiy It is a thin, transparent, viscous water that comes out when the desire is remembered or contemplated, indicating that what results in the emission of madhiy is the ablution of ablution, and that it is impure that it must be removed with the still urine in it, i.e., by cleaning oneself and the like, and it is not necessary to do ablution.

Types of impurities

Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi, a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, explained the forms of impurity, saying that human urine is an impurity that must be cleansed well, and from the droplets that come from it. Because he is tortured in the grave and on the Day of Resurrection.

The “soldier”, during his interview on the radio “9090”, added that madhiy and wadi are impurities, explaining that it is a thin white or yellow liquid that precedes the ejaculation process for the young man in his adolescence stage, pointing out that it requires ablution and ablution.

He said that there is a disagreement about semen if it is impure or pure.

He continued that the vomit is impure according to the consensus of the majority of jurists, except for the Malikis, and the mouth must be washed after it, adding that the excrement of animals whose meat is eaten is pure, or the excrement of animals whose flesh is not eaten, so it is unclean, and so is the saliva of these animals.

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