The difference between the New Honda Beat 2023 CBS, CBS-ISS and Deluxe, the features and prices are only slightly different!

AYOBOGOR.COM – The following are the different types of features CBS and CBS-ISS and Deluxe on Honda motorcycles including the New BeAT 2023.

Honda is rumored to be releasing the latest version of the New Honda BeAT 2023 automatic motorbike.
According to rumors, the New Honda BeAT 2023 will be released in March.

The latest version of the automatic motorbike will be sold for around IDR 16.6 million to IDR 21 million OTR Jakarta.

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New Honda BeAT 2023 will be released with three different types namely CBS, CBS-ISS and Deluxe.

Astra Honda’s official page itself has provided an explanation of the features in the iron horse.

One of them is the New Honda Beat 2023 CBS aka Combi Brake System (CBS) aka the braking system.

If the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) works electronically, then CBS on the other hand, mechanically.

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