The different types of dinosaurs are shown in a new gameplay trailer for Exoprimal

Both the dinosaurs and the soldiers will enjoy different special attacks.

Exoprimalthat frantic action title against huge hordes of dinosaurshas been seen in a new gameplay showing more images and some gameplay excerpts. Some types of dinosaurs that we will have to face have also been shown.

The aggressiveness of dinosaurs such as the Velociraptorthe Ankylosaurus, the Pteranodon, the Triceratopsthe Pachycephalosaurus and the popular T. Rex. Some of their attacks have been seen where they mercilessly and forcefully attack the soldiers. In the gameplay you can also see some special attacks What can our protagonist do?

As can be seen, there will be a large number of them on screenespecially the smaller types like the Velociraptor, while larger ones like the Triceratops, players will have more than enough to have fun with one.

Exoprimal will finally come out in sometime in 2023 with release planned for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC via Steam. The last we heard is that Capcom will allow you to play this title for freewhose dates will be July 25 and August 7.

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