The digital alternative PIR is born – Highlights

Thanks to the recent Relaunch Decree, we often hear about alternative “do-it-yourself” PIRs. One of the fundamental supports for the Italian economy is undoubtedly the lever of savings and this is precisely the meaning of alternative pirates, which are aimed in particular at the most capitalized customers.
The DIY alternative pir is a individual savings plan within which the individual investor can enter his investments independently. It is possible to realize your own Alternative Pir both by bringing the financial instruments you already own (for example investments in innovative start-ups), and by starting from scratch and choosing the financial products that are considered ideal for fiscal and financial optimization. of your wallet.
The establishment of the PIR can take place through a relationship of administration, including fiduciary, or of custody or portfolio management, exercising the option for the application of administered savings.
What are the benefits? The main benefit is the high degree of customization of the service, to be carried out completely digital in the case of My PIR online, being able to both make shareholdings already held and create a “tailor made” plan by purchasing various shareholdings, obviously in compliance with the parameters indicated by the legislation.
In addition to customization and flexibility, “do-it-yourself” PIRs are an excellent alternative to pre-packaged products, such as PIR funds, in consideration of the fact that the direct holding of shareholdings allows numerous advantages: greater control of one’s choices and the assets owned, thanks to the direct relationship between investor and founder and better access to information relating to the company’s performance. Through My PIR online, individual investors and business angels will be able to take advantage of a double tax saving: on the one hand, the deduction from gross tax on personal income provided for those who invest in innovative Italian SMEs and Start-ups; on the other hand, the total exemption from taxes on financial income and capital gains for those who hold the PIR portfolio for at least five years, according to the PIR regulations.
One more reason for invest in the real economy and contribute to the growth of the country’s economic fabric, enhancing its investments.

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