The dignity (and the usefulness) of the Parliament


The atmosphere in the Parliament of Catalonia took another step forward this week towards degradation. A bad step Sour discussions with words and heavy disqualifications have marked the last days, the clash between CS and the independence, but also between the last and the PSC. The chamber of the Ciutadella Park is a reflection of the increase in tension as the process approaches political independenceist prisoners. The demands of a harsh prison for former colleagues in the House were received with indignation and powerlessness for the ranks of JxCat, ERC, CUP and municipalities, a sentiment that found no empathy in the CS and in the PP, nor in the PSC. The shock between the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra and the socialist leader Miquel Iceta, among whom until now, despite the harshness of the moment, a certain fair play prevailed, the alarms had just begun. On the immediate background there is, clarified, the withdrawal of the independence support to the Spanish president Pedro Sánchez.

The relaxation did not last long. The shared will – regardless of the backstage – of high positions in Moncloa and Plaza de Sant Jaume to build bridges that one day allow the basis of a negotiation, seems to be a wet paper right now. The sad show this week, with a general troubled tone, promises an unpleasant "growing" in the coming months, with the danger, very worrying, that the bad mood moves from Parliament to the road, which would be unfortunate.

Independence is legitimately a victim of persecution, an arbitrary and politicized judicial process. And he feels emotionally hurt. Consider the inadequate actions of the government of the PSOE, in which it seems that Iglesias' requests have not taken effect after their approach to prisoners and exiles. There are, therefore, reasons to mark the distances. But beyond that, if the strategy has to go through a complete break with the Sánchez government, the hardening of the forms does not help anyone, and in particular it damages the same independence, which has the responsibility to continue to govern and avoid a social break In the fight, moreover, there are some who are more experienced. Some have long sought to break through Catalan society through a linguistic war and artificial identity. A strategy that, in the parliamentary sphere, has long been used for deliberate and repeated provocations.

If so, as is the case, it is transforming the process of political prisoners into a denunciation of the international community on the violation of fundamental rights and freedoms, so we must guarantee the utmost respect for our democratic institutions. And Parliament is one of the main ones. Strength in the background must not be incompatible with respect for shapes. In reality, they reinforce each other. The preservation of the dignity (and usefulness) of the Catalan chamber should also be a priority.


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