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The director asked for a fatwa to allow a kiss between Muhammad Fawzi and Madiha Yousry during the fast

Art stars are forced to photograph some of their artwork during Ramadan and during fasting, and they are often subjected to difficult or confusing situations to complete these works.

The beautiful stars of the time depicted some of their work during the day in Ramadan, and they were often confused about the requirements of fasting and the nature imposed by the nature of the scenes they photographed, including what happened with the great artist Madiha Yousry and was mentioned by Al Kawakib magazine in a rare number issued in Ramadan in 1961.

Where the magazine indicated that Brunette of the Nile was participating with the artist Mohamed Fawzi starring the movie “The End of a Story” and his wife was at the time and the film was produced by him.

During the filming of the movie, the director asked Fawzi to kiss Madiha Yousry according to the requirements of one of the scenes, but the brunette of the Nile refused categorically and said, “It is not possible for me to be safe.”

The director tried to convince Madiha Yousry that there is nothing in this kiss and that she will not break her fast because of her husband who kisses her is her, but the brunette of the Nile insisted on her position.

In the face of Madiha Yousra’s insistence, the director, Sheikh Mahmoud Abu Al-Oyoun, a senior scholar of Al-Azhar, sought to obtain a fatwa to persuade the great artist to photograph the scene, but Sheikh Abu Al-Oyoun replied, saying: “As long as she feels that this kiss will harm her fasting, it is better to postpone the filming until after breakfast.”

Thus, the director acquiesced in the desire of the brunette of the Nile after he failed to obtain a fatwa to persuade her to kiss during the day in Ramadan. Indeed, filming the scene was postponed until after breaking the fast.



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