The director of a nursery school sanctioned after criticizing the Blanquer reform


The director of a school in Le Havre was punished after criticizing the Blanquer reform by email. – D.Bancaud / 20 minutes

The director of a nursery school in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) has received a heavy penalty for criticizing the law
Blanquer with parents, reports this Monday. In an e-mail addressed to parents via the school's messenger, she had expressed her opinion and her reservations about the current Minister of National Education. In addition to a blame, she will be mutated. She will leave her post next June.

A penalty deemed excessive

The National Union of Teachers and Teachers of Schools (SNUIPP) and the CGT denounced an “unfair”, “disproportionate” or even “surrealist” sanction. An event was organized this Monday, April 29 in support of the director.

On the side of the academic inspection, one assures however that this mutation has nothing of a sanction. “This is in no way a forced geographical mobility,” defends Brigitte Lacoste, cabinet director of the rector interviewed by

An optional transfer, ensures the rectorate

In accordance with the procedure applicable in case of blame, the director was received by the Academic Director of the National Education Services (Dasen). It was within the framework of this interview that she would have been offered her transfer, which she would have accepted “in view of personal difficulties”. According to the rectorate, this proposal was not mandatory.

Contacted by, the main interested party indicated that she did not wish to contest the decision of the academic inspection, nor to express herself more on this case.




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