The director of the CDC estimates that the number of cases in the united States is 10 times greater than the reported | Univision network News

The Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC for its acronym in English) updated their list of people who are at increased risk of covid-19-in a serious way, and has now included pregnant women and removed age as a factor, AP reported.

The CDC also changed its list of preexisting conditions and created categories of persons who are or may be at high risk.

People at high risk include those with diseases chronic renal disease, lung disease, chronic inflammatory, obesity, serious conditions of the heart, sickle cell anemia, type 2 diabetes, and weakened immune systems that they received a transplant.

The threshold of obesity worrying was lowered from a body mass index of 40 to a 30.

The CDC said that people become more vulnerable to disease with increasing age, but has retired to the persons of 65 years or more as a high-risk group.

The changes did not include race as a risk factor for developing the disease in severe form, despite the fact that evidence has accumulated that black people, hispanics, and native americans have the highest rates of infection, hospitalization and death.

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