The director of X-Men Dark Phoenix, Simon Kinberg, apologizes for the cinema


Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Some of the most cheerful reward the most recent X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, has received since its debut at the beginning of this month was the following: it is one of the worst of the franchise, is mediocre, and had the worst box office opening for any X-Men movie … never. (However we had a lot of fun.) Simon Kinberg, to whom he made his directorial debut Dark Phoenix, closely followed your criticisms. How could he not? He wants to know everything. And despite the avalanche of hatred that the film has received, Kinberg will not try to influence you in a different mentality. "I'm here, I'm saying that when a movie doesn't work, put it on me. I'm the writer-director, the film didn't connect with the public, it's about me," he told KCRW The business. "It is clearly a film that did not connect with the audience that did not see it, did not connect enough with the audience that saw it." Kinberg also does not want to dwell on other persistent factors, such as Dark Phoenix receiving numerous date delays.


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