The disappearance of two satellites near Mars


NASA – NASA recently launched two small satellites, but disappeared after passing near Mars, without knowing the cause, in addition to the interruption of contact with them, according to the newspaper "Independent".

The two industrial satellites are two robotic bags of robotic dimensions, jointly called Marco, but they also have two separate names, Yves and Wally.

According to NASA, the two robotic moons are so deep in space that they can no longer retrieve them, and scientists in the agency do not expect them to hear or receive data or information from them.

It is strange that the disappearance of the satellites, which were close to Mars, occurred more than a month ago, and suddenly after the Agency received the latest information from them.

Although NASA scientists believe they are millions of miles away from Mars today, there seems to be a glimmer of hope for them to be in touch at some point.

The mission of the twin satellites "Marco" is the first transitory mission of the planets to two small satellites of the "Qopasat" type.

NASA used the two satellites in the communications for the landing of the Insight probe on Mars, successfully transmitting information to the agency on Earth and sending the first images from Insight to NASA scientists.

NASA says the two moon moons performed their full function near Mars, but the last message from the moon was "Wally" on December 29 and is now believed to be a million miles from Mars, while its Sister Yves preceded him and is two million miles from Mars. Mars has not been in contact with this satellite since last January 4th.

Scientists do not know where the two satellites are now, nor do they know why they lost contact.

The addition to the mystery is that the "Wali" of the Moon, for example, can not send orders, and it is believed that the sensors in them that allow them to change the solar batteries are interrupted for a reason or for a reason. ; other.

Moving away from the ground, the ability to communicate with them gradually dissolves, so NASA could be lost forever.

However, their ability to go beyond their mission has prompted NASA scientists to hope that this type of satellite can be used as a spacecraft in deep space.

They believe that the idea of ​​running out of its mission helps to demonstrate the concepts that allow such robotic satellites to travel deep into space.



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