The disaster in Indonesia: about the possible problems has warned 246 aircraft


Boeing 737 Max may have problems with the flight sensor

Problems with the flight control sensor, which led to the collapse of the Boeing 737 Max Indonesian, can also occur with other aircraft of this series.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned that problems with the flight control sensor, which led to the collapse of Lion Boeing 737 Max Indonesian Lion Air Airlines, may also occur with other ships in this series. Wednesday, November 7, Reuters reported.

In particular, the aviation administration warned that false sensor data could be on 246 airliners, 45 of which used by US airlines, and lead to an incorrect evaluation of the angle of flight, which could cause the aircraft to exit at a peak or problems during landing and taking off.

The FAA also promised to continue working with Boeing to clarify all the possible circumstances of the disaster in Indonesia.

Previously, data from a parametric flight recorder, extracted from sludge divers at the bottom of the Java Sea, confirmed that during the last four flights, an Indonesian airline of the Boeing 737 Lion Air had problems with the indicator of speed.

Recall that the Lion Air crashed on October 29 after the departure from the airport of Jakarta. He fell into the sea near the island of Java, after a 13-minute flight. As a result, all 189 people were killed on board. There were no Ukrainian citizens on board the aircraft.

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