According to the website “phys”, proved a long time ago that most galaxies host a black hole in the center, but galaxies that host a pair of supermassive black holes remain a theory.

The results of a research team in the journal Astrophysical Journal on June 19, 2020 in a paper entitled: “The systematic search for periodic gamma rays in galactic nuclei activity discovered by the telescope, Fermi Large Area.

Said Pablo Pinilla, principal investigator for the study, and demanded his doctorate at the University Complutense of Madrid, Spain: “in general, characterized by supermassive black holes book more than a million the mass of our sun”.

Added Benelli:, “were found on some of these supermassive black holes, known as the galactic nuclei activity (AGN) to accelerate particles to nearly the speed of light in the package balanced that allow jets, and detection of the emissions of these aircraft in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum as a whole”.

Explained Bennell: “to identify regular patterns in the emission of gamma rays is like looking into the stormy sea and set the waves small regular caused by”.

Said Marco Ajello, associate professor in the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and astronomy at Clemson University: “the next step will be the preparation of observation campaigns with telescopes other to follow these magazines closely, and hope to reveal the reasons for these observations”.


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