The dispute between Bertrand Caroy and the Borinage brewery will be settled on December 23

The civil court of Hainaut, division of Mons, will deliver its judgment on December 23 in the context of the dispute between the police inspector Bertrand Caroy, of the Boraine zone, and the brewery of Borinage. The head of the traffic department, who is also a trainer at the Jurbise police academy, has taken legal action against the brewery, which he accuses of having used his image without his knowledge on the label of a beer produced. by the brewing company of Boussu.

The brewing company had released a new beer, l’Eté borain, with on the label a caricature of the media policeman in a western atmosphere, without asking his authorization, while he is godfather of the States General for road safety and the one of the best-known figures in the BOB campaign, aimed at combating alcohol consumption and driving.

Last week, the policeman asked for moral damage of 10,000 euros while the Boraine area requested damages of 2,500 euros.

Tuesday, Me Manon Mogenet, council of the brewery, asked the court to reduce the damage to the symbolic euro, while not exceeding 1,000 euros, declaring that his customers had not wanted to offend or humiliate the media police. “We thought that, given his status as a public figure and the countless pastiches made on the internet, that our beer would be perceived as a sympathetic tribute, in no way as an affront or worse, as a marketing opportunity.“, had reacted the brewery in a press release. It adds that the amount which is claimed from it constitutes a sum”astronomical, (…) which would have a destructive impact on the brewery“.

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