The Division 2: the patch of the first day will be huge on PS4


For several years, players are used to downloading patches on the day of the release of a title, which is never very nice, let's face it. But for once, the patch first day The Division 2 is totally amazing.

The division 2 02 12 06 2018

On his official website, Ubisoft announces that an update will be proposed on the day of the launch of Division 2. If you buy it in a digital version, no problem, you will not see the difference, but if you opt for a physical copy, you will have to warm up the Internet connection, the patch first day it will weigh between 88 and 92 GB on PlayStation 4! On PC and Xbox One, it is a little less huge, the upgrade will be "from 48 to 52 GB". And in the end, every time has the same dimensions of the game in the digital version …

Ubisoft in the end he remembers it beta customers that have occurred in recent weeks will be useless, you can already uninstall them to do some space on your hard drive. As a reminder, the release date of Division 2 is set for March 15, 2019.

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