The DNA of the suspect in the fatal stabbing of Logan Circle found on the knife used in the attack, say the federal authorities


Keith L. Alexander Reporter dealing with crimes and tribunals, in particular cases of the Washington Superior Court on November 8 at 7:00 am, the 23-year-old DNA, accused in the fatal stabbing of a woman at Logan Circle two months ago, it was found on a knife used in the attack, authorities said Wednesday. Anthony Marquell Crawford was charged with first-degree murder for the murder of Wendy Martinez, 35, head of the staff of an Internet tech company start-up, who was attacked just before 8 pm. on September 18th, while he was running near his apartment. Crawford should appear in court on Thursday for a preliminary hearing. On Wednesday, Crawford's public defender, Eugene Ohm, asked a judge to order prosecutors to give witness names and phone numbers in the case. Ohm argued that he needed information to investigate discrepancies in the various witness accounts that spoke to the attack police. Neither the Ohm nor the prosecutors detailed these testimonies in court. Ohm said he wanted the information on the witness before Crawford's preliminary hearing to investigate the allegations and discuss the release of his client from jail, given that, as Ohm said, "my client has no criminal record . " But the American lawyer Katie Earnest said to release such information so early in the case would jeopardize the investigation. Earnest said there are more witnesses who have identified Crawford as the attacker. He said his DNA was found on articles that he claims to be related to the case, including a knife. And the authorities said the victim's DNA was found on the knife and a sweater belonging to Crawford.
Wendy Martinez was stabbed to death in September in Washington. (Family photo) [Police arrest man in fatal stabbing of Logan Circle runner] After about 20 minutes of discussion, Supreme Court Justice Craig S. Iscoe denied Ohm's request and said that the information he was looking for would be provided to the defense. The judge said the case would go on like any other. During the hearing, Crawford, who presumably has a history of paranoia and aggressive tendencies, rocked back and forth on his seat, sometimes with his eyes closed and other times with his mouth moving as Ohm argued in his name . The police said that Martinez, a small marathon runner, was stabbed six times in the head and neck and once in the back. The attacker worked, police said, discarding a bloody knife and a distinctive mustard shirt while Martinez ran into a Chinese restaurant and the bystanders tried in vain to save her life. Crawford was arrested a few days later.


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