World The DNI army destroyed the positions of the Ukrainian...

The DNI army destroyed the positions of the Ukrainian military in the Donbass

In the Donbass, after the decision of the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin about the response to the shelling by the Ukrainian military, part of the “people’s republic” suppressed the firing points of the armed forces, they suffered losses in equipment and manpower, the press service of the DPR People’s Police said.

Everything happened after the shelling of the settlement of Verkhnetoretskoye in the morning, as a result of which the residential building, gas pipeline and power transmission line suffered from the blows of the Ukrainian security forces. Fire was fired from mortars. In response, the DNI military covered the identified enemy firing points with fire. The Ukrainian military suffered losses, two mortars were destroyed. “Russian Spring” said that as a result of the shelling killed three Ukrainian soldiers, and four were injured.

The DNR authorities called on Kiev to prevent a ceasefire violation. Otherwise, the republic will act in retaliatory fire. This decision was made a little earlier by the head of the republic Denis Pushilin, who gave the order to act in response to shelling from the Ukrainian side.

Note that Kiev, despite the difficult situation with coronavirus, does not stop trying to exacerbate the situation in the Donbass. And in May, the number of such attempts even increased.

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