The doctor and three other people are accused of kidnapping in prison for the disappearance of a woman after undergoing cosmetic surgery in Guatemala

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The judge Carol Patricia Flores sent the doctor, the anesthesiologist and two nurses to pretrial detention, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, for kidnapping and hindering criminal proceedings, accused of the disappearance of Floridalma Roquea Honduran woman who traveled from New York to Guatemala to undergo cosmetic surgery on June 13 and who, since then, has been missing after never leaving the Perfectima Body clinic, located in the wealthy zone 14 of the capital.

This is the doctor and director of the clinic, Kevin Malouf, a relative of Anthony Maloufformer Minister of Economy of this Central American country between January 2020 and March 2022, the anesthesiologist Lydia Viviana Silva and the nurses Luis Alberto Castro y Susana Rojaswho were arrested on Friday of last week in the framework of an investigation led by the Femicide Prosecutor’s Office.

Floridalma Roque went to the clinic on June 13 to undergo a surgical procedure of facial rejuvenation y arms liposuction. She arrived accompanied by a relative who promised to pick her up the next day at ten in the morning when she was discharged, although when she arrived, Dr. Malouf informed her that the woman had already left three hours before leaving. the clinic after requesting a vehicle through the inDrive app. Since thenThey don’t know anything about her and she didn’t show any signs of life.for which the family filed a complaint with the Public Ministry that activated an Isabel Claudina Alert, which is in charge of searching for the disappeared women.

During the judicial hearing, the Femicide prosecutor showed frames in which the nurse Luis Alberto Castro can be seen taking a woman in a wheelchair to a vehicle on June 14, where he got into with his head bandaged and with his clothes on. with which Floridalma arrived at the clinic the day before. Behind that vehicle was another black one, owned by Kevin Malouf, who followed it at all times until in an area of ​​the capital the woman got out of the inDrive and got into the doctor’s car.

The judge endorsed the prosecutor’s thesis, according to which, the nurse Susana Rojas impersonated the identity of Floridalma Roque posing as her so that the video surveillance cameras captured the moment in which the patient supposedly left the clinic in a wheelchair and boarded a vehicle. To do this, there are several means of investigation that demonstrate it, such as the fact that the inDrive was requested from the phone and the nurse’s application, while the signal from her mobile device was also detected in the area where she got on the Kevin Malouf’s vehicle. Likewise, the doctor’s phone signal was also in the same place where the alleged victim got out of the taxi and boarded Malouf’s car.

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