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The doctor from La Plata of the controversy over the pandemic will sue Jorge Rial and other journalists

The doctor from La Plata who caused a stir in a television program where the concept of “false pandemic” was raised during an interview with model Nicole Neuman, announced that she will initiate legal actions against television journalist Jorge Rial and panelist (and doctor, too) Mariana Lestelle for considering that they had “insulting” concepts that “affect the good name and honor of the professional”.

The lawyer from La Plata, Marcelo Peña, who sponsors the La Plata doctor Chinda Brandolino, told EL DIA.COM that in the case of Lestelle, “we will ask for the registration to be withdrawn.” Peña noted that “Dr. Brandolino was unfairly treated for trout, Nazi and other disqualifying concepts for which these people and all those who have expressed themselves along the same lines are going to have to respond.”

Peña maintained that “also, in the case of those who promote criminal complaints for alleged public health affectation against Dr. Brandolino, they will have to answer to the Justice for a false complaint.”

“We are preparing the corresponding demands beyond the right of reply that we are going to request, among others, from the journalists De Brito and Listorti because they just gave Dr. Lestelle space to have insulting expressions towards Dr. Brandolino.”

The La Plata doctor Chinda Brandolino, recognized for her professional work and her membership in the pro-life movement against abortion, had pointed out at the premiere of the cycle “Nicole at home”, with model Nicole Neumann, that “an Italian deputy says that the vaccine against influenza, influenza, produces viral interference and makes the coronavirus develop. And he accuses the Italian government. “

“Everyone is waiting for a vaccine promoted by Bill Gates, the great promoter of abortion, one of the richest men in the world. Bill Gates finances the World Health Organization, which is the one that gives health guidelines, and his statements totally contradict those of the best doctor in the world ”. In addition, the professional indicated that “the way the media handles the figures do not respond to reality” and stated that if the latest definition of a pandemic from the WHO is taken into account “any infectious disease that passes from one country to another” would be in this category.

Immediately, voices of repudiation rained down on Nicole and her interviewee. The first was Jorge Rial: “Nicole is ignorant. He said outrageous in that interview with that pseudo doctor. ” The doctor Mariana Lestelle, for her part, tweeted: “It is an attack on public health.” Journalist Pablo Duggan joined: “Nicole Neumann spreading serious idiocy of a delirious woman. A total irresponsible ”.

In the cycle titled #Nicoleencasa, the new venture in social networks, the model works as an interviewer. His first guest on Chekka Tv was the doctor from La Plata, Chinda Brandolino, whom he presented as “an internationally recognized eminence”. According to the model, Brandolino is “a medical lawyer, forensic expert of the Justice of the province of Buenos Aires, a specialist in phlebology, lymphology, legal medicine and the main pro-life reference in Latin America.” The professional, after listening to the introduction, thanked him for “raising his voice in defense of the innocent.”

Dr. Brandolino is a graduate of the UNLP, a Catholic, mother of eight children and had already been denounced in 2018 by the College of Obstetrics of the Province of Buenos Aires after her presentation in the plenary of Commissions of the Senate of the Nation on the project. of the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy Act (IVE). She is recognized as a doctor specialized in forensic and legal medicine.



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