The doctor gave the 4th dose of the vaccine, also vaccinated his 12-year-old son

While vaccination continues in the fight against the corona virus, some citizens continue to be hesitant about vaccination. Noting that most of the hospitalized citizens are unvaccinated citizens, Medicana International Samsun Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Özgür İnce said, “Again, our agenda is corona and vaccines.

In recent months, we have been experiencing the delta variant of the corona predominantly. The problem with the delta variant is perhaps the insecurity against the Sinovac vaccine, which we used as very protective at first, or the information that it does not work. Currently, both Biontech and Sinovac, implemented by the ministry, continue. The situation we come across in patients hospitalized in hospitals is as follows: Most of our inpatients and patients in intensive care units are those who have never been vaccinated, while those who come in second place are those who have incomplete vaccination. They are people who have been given a single vaccine or people who have not been fully immunized yet who have been given the second vaccine. This is a sad situation.

It is a case of facts. Even though the discussions on the vaccine are not over yet, we see that this vaccine works. People are unfortunately losing their lives from corona, they are losing their loved ones. Therefore, we, as physicians, recommend the 2nd vaccine, and the 3rd one. It is necessary to fulfill the protocols implemented by the Ministry and have the 3rd vaccinations,” he said.

“Even though I had the disease, I was hit in the 4th overdose, I also vaccinated my 12-year-old son”

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Underlining the need to be vaccinated in the fight against the corona virus, Dr. Ince said, “For those who will go abroad, the 2nd mRNA Biontech vaccine is a must or is about to be. Let me give an example about myself. I am currently shot at the 4th overdose. I have been shot 2 Sinovac, 2 Biontech. Although I have also had the disease. We are prepared this winter. I hope the cases will not increase. If they do, we feel ready to be prepared, to be able to fight, to fight. I want our listeners to put aside the rumors. We definitely need to get our vaccinations. I have a 12-year-old son. He has been vaccinated, I vaccinated him too.

Without any hesitation. Those who have allergies and some shyness can prefer their vaccines in hospitals. Hospitals work very intensively and interestedly in this regard. Those who have questions can also reach us. Believe me, every question has an answer. Not being vaccinated is killing right now. He’s hospitalized. Even people in their 20s and 30s, whom I know very seriously, are struggling with COVID due to lack of vaccination. I say definitely vaccinate, definitely vaccinate,” he said.

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