The doctor on digitization of the school: “A big experiment”

Screen education from preschool upwards – the school doctor sees an avalanche-like increase in concentration difficulties, lack of sleep, anxiety and sitting at home.
– It’s like a big experiment that the school decided to do on our children that was not supported by research, says school doctor Åse Victorin.

For many years, the Swedish National Agency for Education has been moving towards more digitized teaching. For as many years, school doctor Åse Victorin has seen signs that children’s development and well-being are negatively affected when they are exposed to too much screen time.

– I discovered that more and more people got symptoms such as sleep problems, they were less social, anxiety and depression. When I talked to children and parents, it turned out that there was a lot of screen time, says pediatrician and school doctor Åse Victorin.

The National Education Agency’s strategy was cut

When the Swedish National Agency for Education sent out a proposal for a new digitization strategy for 2023-2027 for consultation, it was met with strong criticism. Among other things, the Association of Pediatricians writes that the research suggests that it is wrong to start digitization at an early age.

Education Minister Lotta Edholm now says that she wants to dismantle the digitization strategy.

– We are very happy about this from the perspective of pediatricians and brain researchers and others who have claimed this for a long time. We hope for a completely new attitude in this, says Åse Victorin.

The WHO recommends that children under the age of two should not be exposed to screen time at all. The Public Health Agency has been tasked by the government to draw up its own recommendations, something that must be reported in June 2024.

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2023-05-24 21:48:36

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