The dollar CCL and the MEP deepen downward trend, while the blue takes another jump

In the same way, the MEP dollar, or Stock Market -similar operation to that of the CCL but within the country- lose $ 3.02 to $ 111.43, leaving a 55.1% gap against the currency listed on the MULC.

“Hand in hand with the better asset climate, financial dollars continue to return ground – after the last bullish re-accommodation – as more operators tactically turn to bets on peso titles, even when the monetary imbalance represents a challenge to manage in the future, “explained economist Gustavo Ber.

The implicit exchange rates came from posting strong gains of up to 8% last week (in the case of the CCL). However, from this Tuesday there was a pause in its bullish march at the same time as optimism about a successful exchange of foreign debt increased.

However, operators continue to monitor monetary dynamics, hostage to a fiscal deficit that is difficult to avoid due to state aid due to the pandemic, and successive exchange rate restrictions to dampen the demand for foreign exchange.

Beyond the third consecutive decrease they record this Thursday, the CCL accumulates so far this month an increase of 12.2%, while the MEP rises 10.9%.

Dollar blue

Like Tuesday and Wednesday, as the financial dollars ease, the blue dollar climbs $ 3 to hit $ 136, according to a survey of Ambit in caves of the Microcentro.

Thus, the gap with the wholesale dollar stands at 86.5% after peaking at 104% in mid-May, when it hit a high of $ 138.

Since the quarantine started, the blue accumulates a rise of $ 48.50 (from the $ 85.50 of March 20), product, among other causes, of greater restrictions, not only in the Single Market and Free of Changes, but also for the operations with the CCL and the MEP.

Official dollar

He tourist dollar -which carries 30% of the COUNTRY tax- increased 26 cents this Thursday to $ 98.62, since the retail average advanced to $ 75.86 (20 cents more than on Wednesday), in agencies and banks of the Buenos Aires city, according to an average of Ambit.

At Banco Nación, the banknote -without the PAÍS tax- closed stable a $75,50, while on the electronic channel it was possible to a $75,45.

For his part, In the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), the currency remained controlled and increased six cents to $ 71.84, in line with the value set for this day by the BCRA.

According to market sources, the demand for dollars was somewhat more active on the date, which caused the monetary authority to end the day with a negative balance of u $ s20 million.

Yesterday, the Bookings International gross of the monetary authority lowered us $ 19 million to close the day in the $ 43,380 million.


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