The Dow Jones continues to sink and loses over 700 points – RT en Español


On December 6th, the Dow Jones industrial average collapsed and its value was reduced by 700.09 points (-2.8%) to settle at 24.396.98. In total, the losses suffered in the last two days reach 1,500 points, reports CNBC.

Even the major Wall Street indices have plummeted this Thursday. The S & P 500 index lost 2.27% and stood at 2,638 points, while the NASDAQ fell 1.67% to 7,038 points.

"Fears of a recession are set on the market," said Mark Esposito, executive director of Esposito Securities. The expert indicated that "it is undoubtedly safer to have money just now. "" I do not think the fall is over, "he said.

On December 4, the Dow Jones industrial average was left 799.36 points (-3.1%) and closed at 25.027.07, the worst day since 10 October. In recent months has collapsed many times and liquidated the profits obtained during this year, despite the fact that last November 28th recorded its biggest increase in eight months – 600 points – after US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he would consider suspending interest rate hikes.

Icon Funds president Craig Callahan told CNBC that falling prices are essential concerns: this the factors that caused the decline in October remain and lead to "an economic slowdown".


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