The dramatic last days of Ricardo Fort, between physical pain and the certainty that he would die young

Monday, November 25, 2013 was a holiday, the media announced the most unexpected news: the death of Ricardo Fort. The businessman had died in the La Trinidad Sanatorium in Palermo, at age 45, due to a “generalized sepsis that ended in cardio-respiratory arrest”.

Surely that feeling that his time on Earth would be brief led him to “live life”, use money to indulge himself, and even think about who would take care of his children, Marta and Felipe, in his absence. Before he died, he had signed a letter requesting that the children, who were nine years old at the time, They will be in charge of their unconditional friend, Gustavo Martínez, current guardian of the twins.

Ricardo’s last hours

Although the media was interned in La Trinidad for days, 24 hours before his death he had been transferred to an Intensive Care room, where his inner circle accompanied him. At that time her boyfriend Rodrigo Diaz was not by his side, since he was in Miami recording an album.

During Monday morning Fort went into cardiac arrest as a result of a widespread infection. The doctors’ attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

The night before, just a few hours before his heart stopped beating, he was lucid but aching. He had been on the phone with his friend, Hernán Ranieri, to coordinate a note for a magazine. “The truth was not bad,” he said, still surprised by the sad news.

His lawyer, César Carozza, had also contacted Ricardo that last Sunday, through text messages. I hadn’t noticed anything strange.

Despite the pains that showed in his expression, Fort wasted no energy in speaking to the media. The Friday before his death he gave a telephone interview to Mauro Viale. Angry, he denied that they were going to amputate his leg: “What they are saying is a joke. They are offending me. I am in the clinic, and my children are watching the program and listening to a joke like that.”

“I’m coming back from Miami tonight, very concerned about my health. Surely I will have to go inside to solve all my problems “, he had written on November 9 on his Twitter account. Minutes before, paradoxically, He had published a photo of himself announcing his last “peaceful” afternoon in the city that he liked so much. Almost an omen.

His situation was so extreme that after fracturing his femur in the northern country, He arrived at the airport in a wheelchair: “The flight was difficult. I was medicated to travel. The pains are excruciating, there is no medicine that can take away the pain. The knee was badly operated and now we are going to do a medical meeting to see what can be done because that brings problems to my spine and my neck is rectified. There are doctors who ruined my life, “he lamented.

2013, one of Ricardo’s longest years

Although his health problems had been coming for years, in the last months everything rushed: the pains grew exponentially, and only in 2013 was it performed three operations (eight had been performed the previous year). So unbearable the situation became that he ever declared: “I thought about committing suicide. I am very sad. It is an issue that I urgently need to resolve. ”

In February it had to suspend its functions of Fort with Caviar in Mar del Plata for undergoing surgery for peritonitis from a perforation in the duodenum in February. Of course, this problem was no stranger to a battered knee, since his digestive organs suffered from morphine and the other medications he used to relieve pain.

In April of that year he underwent surgery on that damn knee: “It was painful, really. Thanks to painkillers I can bear the pain and tomorrow we will start with kinesiology to start moving the leg and walking slowly with crutches, “Fort said the day after the surgical procedure.

Ricardo Fort became known for his eccentricities, his luxurious cars, his trips to Miami and his taste for Rolex watches. Strong personality, in his early days as a media man, the chocolatier was always seen as happy, or at most angry, but never sad. That was until 2013, when he made all his pain visible.

Two months before his death, he broke in an interview with Mónica Gutiérrez: “Every time I get up from a chair I have to hold on to something so I don’t feel pain. And I must walk little because I cannot walk well. It affects me at work, with my children, on a daily basis with the couple. You become an invalid. It is very strong. Sometimes I don’t know what to do because I can’t find a way out. There is no end and it ends no more: it is operation after operation. Only my family and my children know the sacrifice I make “, confessed, between tears.

Just over six years after his death his children continue under the tutelage of his godfather Gustavo Martínez, who although he cares for them as a father, does not let them call him that. And he is always in charge of keeping Ricardo’s memory alive. His time in the media was fleeting but penetrating. His memory is still alive. His phrases, occurrences and videos are still valid as the first day, and the affection of the people is felt on social networks on each important date or anniversary.

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