The drastic decision of Chantal Abad after the scandal in Cocineros Argentinos

Chantal Abad made a drastic decision in the midst of the scandal that arose from her arrival in Argentine cooks and the unexpected departure of Juan Ferrara of the historic cooking cycle of the Public TV. “I feel uncomfortable“, the chef was honest in dialogue with intruderswhere he also revealed what he decided regarding his landing on the signal.

After more than a decade in Argentine cooks, Juan Ferrara left the historic program gastronomy in the middle of a scandalwhich included the arrival of Chantal Abad to cycle. While in some entertainment programs they assured that the chef was fired after complaining about being relegated for the incorporation of his new partner, Ferrara himself clarified that he did not leave by his own decision but I turned off the abbot of the situation.

Concerned about the violent reaction that occurred in the networks and threats that he received, Chantal Abad spoke with intruders and revealed the strong decision he made along with the production of Argentine cooks. “Yesterday I had a meeting with the people from the production company who really listened to me“, the chef began by explaining in the Flor de la V cycle.

I told them: ‘I feel uncomfortable. I understand that Juan already did his part, that he went out to speak publicly and say that this has nothing to do with me, I understand that you did the same“added Abad. Anguished by the repercussions that her incorporation into the program and the departure of Ferrara had, Chantal explained the decision she made and that she communicated to the production of Argentine cooks: “It seems to me that we need to stop, order this and that there is not an iota of doubt with anything, that everything is clear and transparent for everyone and that from then on we can trace a path“In this way, the cook made it clear that she will return to the program of the Public TV once the spirits calm down due to the departure of Juan Ferrara.

Chantal Abad goes through her worst moment after the scandal in Cocineros Argentinos: “Death”

The separation of Juan Ferrara from Argentine cooks (Public Television) opened a crack in the historic gastronomic cycle and the worst part of the criticism was taken by the chef Chantal Abad, new member of the program. “They wished me death,” Chantal said, upset by the disastrous repercussions that her entry into the program had.

invited to the magazine In the Afternoon (America TV) Chantal shared some of the very harsh messages she received for her incorporation into Cocineros Argentinos and was distressed by the reaction of many people who questioned her presence in the classic format of the state signal. “You don’t know the tremendous messages I’m reading. ‘I don’t think she lends herself to these fourth-rate programs to generate more tenements, she should stay in the mold and not give her opinion’, ‘people love Juanito and she doesn’t'” , read the cook.

Instantly, Karina Mazzocco tried to calm her down and advised her: “Chantal, you can’t read this anymore.” Assuming the risks of reading the hate of the networks, Abad argued: “Today it’s my turn and I put my body on it, but this also happens to people who are not known: it happens to a kid at school, overweight, with some disability or with another gender identity (…) One tries, personally, to work on it internally so that it doesn’t make a dent, but, on the other hand, one cannot help but see it as a phenomenon. Is strong”.

“It makes you want to continue saying terrible things to you for no reason. I’m not saying that you have to like it or not, you can not consume me, not see me, not follow me, but from there to wish me death. They told me ‘ this moishe of shit'”, he continued, afflicted. “In my field, one transmits good vibes and desire to cook, you go on a positive side, not conflict. So when you suddenly feel in the eye of the storm, you say well, what is the cost?”, he closed before the Mazzocco’s team made reference to the controversial departure of Juan Ferrara from Argentine cooks and of the problems that this would have brought to the team.

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