‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, el primer talk show de Drew Barrymore

The actress, Drew Barrymore, arrives with The Drew Barrymore Show, a talk show and his first talk show to talk about life.

Actress, director, producer, model and, now, host of a talk show. Drew Barrymore premieres The Drew Barrymore Show and with him he starts his first Program Of interviews. He line up just announced and features a number of big screen stars.

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A talk with the past: the beginning of this talk show

He trailer The program took a nostalgic turn, as the 45-year-old actress comes out interviewing nothing more and nothing less than herself at the age of seven. This digital montage was taken from Tonight Show Starring Jonhy Carson 1982 when «mini-Drew»Was interviewed to talk about her appearance in E.T.

The official premiere of The Drew Barrymore Show will be September 14, the date on which Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu will accompany Barrymore in a meeting of Charlie’s Angels. But the surprises don’t end there! Adam Sandler, actor with whom Drew was in the movie 50 First Dates, will also go on stage.

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Schedule for the opening week

Variety, the news portal, announced that among the rest of the guests will be Reese Witherspoon and Billy Eichner. Both the protagonist of Legally Blonde as the American comedian they will play a game called “Would Drew Barrymore like that?”

The same site stated that on September 16 Jane Fonda and Gabrielle Union they will turn the program around. And when Charlize Theron and Tyra Banks are on set, Drew will participate in the campaign Share The Mic Now, a movement that emerged in June against racism toward women of color.

Billy Porter, singer and awarded a Tony, will make a performance for the September 18 episode. Full agenda! The show is produced and distributed by CBS and on the channel YouTube has videos on how they did the episodes during times of coronavirus.

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