The driver fainted, fell asleep or the bus caught fire before falling off the bridge: the hypotheses about the Venice accident

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Investigators of the bus accident that left 21 dead in Venice They are studying a video from traffic cameras to try to find out the reason for the accident. In the recording you can see several cars queuing on the overpass and among them the bus that suddenly makes a strange movement. The cameras record him while he is on the right side of the road and moving with “an excessive maneuver”, say those who have seen the video. And finally it falls just to the right of him.

It is still early to draw a definitive conclusion, but a witness who was driving his vehicle right behind the bus has stated that the driver made an “improper and strange maneuver.” This gives more strength to the hypothesis that the driver faint, have a health problem, or fall asleep.

Another hypothesis being considered is that the bus caught fire before falling off the bridge. And a woman claims that “some witnesses saw the bus catch fire on the ramp of the overpass,” but the driver “couldn’t stop because it was squeezed between other cars in the queue.

It would have been at that moment that when performing a maneuver he would have lost control, leaving the road and falling down the walkway. However, among the first testimonies collected by investigators there is no confirmation that the vehicle was already on fire before the fall.

To clarify these theories, it will be necessary for firefighters to recover the hard drive of the bus camera with images from inside the vehicle.

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