“The drop in the price of the antigen test could and should have been set much earlier”

One of the few good news these days is the decision of the Government and the autonomous communities of set a maximum price for the antigen test.

Now they will cost less than three euros. This is going to mean significant savings for everyone, given the evidence that the most and the least have to be tested, due to the rapid increase in infections.

It’s been late again

The bad news within the good news is that this lower price for tests could, and should, have noticed long before, as other European countries had already done.

When there was more demand in the month of December, due to the Christmas holidays. And the authorities have waited until a week later on Three Kings’ Day to force a drop in the price.

It’s been late again. Since it was too late to force a reduction in the price of masks, when in the middle of Europe they were already much cheaper than here.

It is difficult to always get the most appropriate measures right, when it comes to a situation like the pandemic. In Spain, for example, the vaccination process has been, and is, one of the best in the world. But for some reason, when it comes to prices, it costs us a little more to be on time.

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